About us

Profound Audio provides state of the art audio production services to the media industry including video production companies, media houses, advertising agencies, broadcasters, television programme producers and animation production companies.

These audio production services are be provided on a turn-key basis, comprising live on set recording, audio post production and music production, thus accepting full responsibility for the total audio product, from the first recording to the end-product. Apart from better client satisfaction regarding audio quality, this also creates an opportunity whereby the services of young sound engineers are required more often.

As the producers spend time with the audio production engineer during the final mix, much attention are afforded to client satisfaction and comfort during these sessions.

Profound Audio will be directed to be able to adapt to Television Working Hours.

Through Profound Audio’s innovative use of the full range of editing and processing tools within the digital audio workstation, the latest state of the art video technology (HD & 3D Video) is very well complemented by means of equalisation, panning, dynamics, reverbs, impulses and automation. With this innovative approach are we executing creative design of sound for every specific application.

David, the founder of Profound Audio has in a short period of time established a reputation as one of the most creative and perfectionist audio mixers. Productions that have been completed very successfully are “Come Dine with Me SA”, “So You Think You can Dance SA”, “SA’s Got Talent” and many more.

For David “okay” is not acceptable, for which reason he developed very specific production processes.